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Hypnosis-based coaching that helps you unlock your full potential.

Jason Andrews

Do you ever feel like you are underperforming in some area of your life?

Like something is holding you back? What would it be like if you unleashed your real potential?

These days, there are all kinds of problems that introduce struggle into our lives. Like the epidemic of social anxiety. Everybody who has had parents knows that a lot of internal conflict arises from the process of growing up with parents. And many people have suffered some real trauma. These sometimes cause people to feel like things aren’t going to get any better.

And it’s not like you haven’t tried to fix things. Very serious people may have told you it’s a chemical imbalance, or you were born this way, or suffering is the nature of life, or just go out into nature and exercise more. Some of these you took more seriously than others. Maybe you started exercising and ate better, and that helped, but something is still gnawing at you, dragging you down.

And it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

I help people drop bad habits, resolve self sabotage, and find emotionally fulfilling success.

Social anxiety minimal…it just evaporated.

Jayant G
Jayant G, Hong Kong

Amazing how effective this worked… my relationship with my father has healed on a level I consider miraculous. Completely changed.

Kyle U
Kyle U, New York

‘Subject: Promotion & Raise I got it today! The one I was persuading for!’

Rick W
Rick W, Maryland

I feel really great… I really have no desire to check social media.

Jaclyn J
Jaclyn J, Kentucky

Thank you so much for a great first session. Things have been good so far, been noticing that I am more easily able to mentally move myself out of anxiety mode with the color visualization thing we did (and can sometimes even do it without needing to visualize).

Brian A
Brian A, California

I just got the news than I’m going to become an engineering manager starting December!

Thank you so much for the tremendous help on this!

Jan. H
Jan. H, Germany

I recently have been experiencing great things with the techniques and are using those more and more in the last couple of weeks… I’m happy how things are going and I enjoy our sessions a lot!

Rich J
Rich J, Netherlands

I thought the session was very helpful. I have been to a significant number of therapy sessions and never really felt that they were as productive as that session was. - after first session.

S. G., USA

Hey Jason! Thanks again for the session yesterday was very useful. It almost feels like there is a big space between any negative emotions and whatever we cleaned up yesterday. Not that I cannot remember it or couldn’t imagine if I tried… just that I don’t need to as it’s resolved sort of thing. Anyway, I’m not sure whether it was because of clearing that up or not, but today I was walking through London largest railway station and I saw a choir signing for charity. Felt a very strong feeling of what I could only describe as ‘love’ in my belly (deeper than where I normally feel emotion) and I think it might be because something has opened up after clearing that block. - after first session

J. L., United Kingdom

In a meeting today one of my coworkers said they would have to be careful around me from here on out because I can change minds.

Rick W
Rick W, Maryland

That was Tony Robbins level good.

@x808beats on Twitter

I can feel a level of confidence that’s past hope. There’s been a big shift.

M. G., California

My new manager is now running customer emails by me for a persuasion perspective and even gave me a charge code for it! Thank you so much for helping me learn!

Rick W
Rick W, Maryland

…had a good interaction with my wife today. It was a technical thing which usually goes south quickly…I saw it happening in real-time, and was able to prevent it from spiraling south.

A. S., Oregon

And thank you, Tuesday night as I was falling asleep it was like watching a complex machine reorganize and update itself.

Kyle U
Kyle U, New York

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