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Jason Andrews, professional hypnotist and coach

Years ago, I cleaned the gunk out of my mind.

I was a teenager when I first began to recognize that something wasn't right. What I had been told and taught by society didn't square with my real-world experience. The world didn't make sense, and that made me, like so many these days, suffer from anxiety and depression. How could I turn this around?

And so began a journey.

I learned how to clear out of my mind things that were holding me back: unhelpful beliefs, negative emotions, ineffective mental strategies, and more. And as I cleared out more and more, I noticed something remarkable: many people weren't in good shape. They had habits they couldn't seem to break. They were stuck emotionally and mentally. They had painful emotions in their past still holding them back in relationships, prosperity, health, career, and emotional peace. Then I realized: everyone has unhelpful programming. It's just that most people haven't figured out that unhelpful programming is the cause of most of their problems!

And so I started taking what I had learned in freeing myself - hypnosis, persuasion, neuro-linguistics, and more - and started using it to help people resolve what is holding them back, to figure out what it is they truly want, and to help people achieve them more effectively. So imagine what your life could be like when you have removed the limits that hold you back, and book some time to help make that vision a reality.


I help people drop bad habits, be more effective, and find contentment.

Social anxiety minimal…it just evaporated.

Jayant G., Hong Kong Jayant G., Hong Kong

Amazing how effective this worked… my relationship with my father has healed on a level I consider miraculous. Completely changed.

Kyle U., New York Kyle U., New York

Subject: Promotion & Raise

I got it today!

The one I was persuading for!

Rick W., Maryland Rick W., Maryland

I feel really great… I really have no desire to check social media.

Jaclyn J., Kentucky Jaclyn J., Kentucky

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