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Hypnosis and coaching services

Starter Coaching Package - 2 sessions

2 sessions is a good start, because with this package we can make significant changes such as changing a habit or resolving a single issue. When you think about how things will be when you’ve made even more substantial improvements, and look back on today as having been the start of it, you might recognize more reasons to work with me:

  • Establish a new habit such as exercising or sleeping well
  • Reduce the amount of time wasted on social media
  • Clear out one major pain from your past holding you back
  • Resolve one major issue
  • Reduce or eliminate some forms of insomnia
  • Quit smoking, vaping, or tobacco. At the current tobacco prices these 3 sessions pay for themselves in a few months.
  • Change eating habits that cost you your health and appearance

And best of all you get a 10% discount off the individual session rate!

And if you are a repeat client (5 or more sessions) you get an additional 10% discount. That’s 20% off the individual session rate. Contact me directly for details.

Book a 2-session starter package now
$755 for one major change

Personal Coaching - 5 session package

When you book a 5-session package now you can begin to make more substantial changes in your life. When you select one thing to resolve, we can fix it in this package of sessions. How will that feel when you get the relief you are looking for?

  • Elevate your confidence, build self-esteem, and develop faith in your abilities
  • Develop skills, eliminate blockages, and build motivation
  • Eliminate procrastination, self-sabotage, and imposter syndrome for good
  • Eliminate a bad habit - social media addiction, smoking/vaping, too much video games, etc and use your new time profitably
  • Fix whatever is holding you back in your relationships
  • Fix whatever is holding you back in your career

And best of all you get a 15% discount off the individual session rate!

And if you are a repeat client (5 or more sessions) you get an additional 10% discount. That’s 25% off the individual session rate. Contact me directly for details.

Eliminate Anxiety Problems Permanently

People have gotten amazing results from the Anxiety Destroyer track, and many have resolved their social anxiety completely with the Social Anxiety Solution - especially with repeated listening over time. But some people need more - maybe they have painful events in their past that still cause problems and fears. Or they experience a more severe or deep-rooted form of anxiety. Maybe they need more complete or comprehensive help in improving their life. Or maybe they just want the best, most accelerated results available. That’s what live coaching is for. In live coaching sessions I will reduce or eliminate your anxiety, in most cases completely. I will help you build confidence and mastery, and achieve your true, authentic self. You will experience lower stress levels, healthier relationships, your anxiety will reduce dramatically or disappear altogether, and you will begin to develop a masterful level of resourcefulness and resilience. What’s it like?

No matter how bad it is, no matter how long you have had it, no matter what anyone else told you - I will reduce it or eliminate it completely - GUARANTEED! And best of all - you get a 20% discount off the individual session rate! And if you are a repeat client (5 or more sessions) you get an additional 10% discount. That’s 30% off the individual session rate. Contact me directly for details.

Yes, I want to eliminate anxiety permanently!
$2,651 to eliminate your anxiety problems

Personal Transformation Package - 12 Coaching Sessions

With 12 sessions you can experience a transformation, going deep in more than one area to create the life you desire. This starts to get into the territory of turning your life around, or taking everything to the next level - health, relationships, career… the transformation will be noticeable to family and friends.

With 12 sessions we can do more of these:

  • Get rid of, once and for all, anything in your past causing you problems
  • Work towards getting promoted in your career, growing your business, or scaling your startup
  • Completely resolve social anxiety or similar challenges and build the social life you desire
  • Get in shape, shed excess weight, and get healthier for good
  • Get in the right mindset to find a good relationship (or improve an existing one)
  • And you can also gift some sessions to a spouse, child, family member, etc to help them as well

And best of all you get a 30% discount off the individual session rate!

And if you are a repeat client (5 or more sessions) you get an additional 10% discount. That’s 40% off the individual session rate. Contact me directly for details.

I want to transform my life NOW
$3,692 to transform your life

Learn Hypnotic Persuasion One on One With Jason Andrews

Everyone knows hypnosis works for weight loss and stopping smoking. But did you know that hypnosis is the basis for nearly all sales and persuasion?

What would it be like if you could learn these techniques and use them to improve your life and the lives of others? Would you be able to help family members, persuade your boss to award you a promotion, increase your sales, convince the school board to protect your kids, defend your positions more effectively?

And if you are a coach, how much more value will you provide your clients - how much better results will they get - once you have learned the skills to deliver change powerfully at the subconscious level?

What you will learn:

  • How to induce trance formally
  • How to induce trance conversationally
  • How to use trance to shift mental structures
  • The structure of beliefs and how to change them
  • How suggestion works and how to deliver it
  • Language patterns for driving change at the subconscious level
  • Metaphors and how to use them
  • Sensory channels and the building blocks of experience
  • Rapport, calibration, and pacing and leading

Each session we will practice live one on one. That way you don’t just learn theory, you develop the skills.

And I will weave in some helpful suggestions throughout, to improve your experience and enhance your abilities.

“By the way, I have wanted to say this ever since session two… I feel I got full value after just the first two session. Thank You!”

Yes, I want to learn hypnotic persuasion
$2,799 for 10 hours of persuasion training

The Social Anxiety Solution Audio Course

Social anxiety is epidemic these days. It prevents people from having a healthy, satisfying social life you truly desire. Instead, people with social anxiety may feel disconnected, feel like they don’t belong, and worst of all - they feel lonely.

And they want a solution.

This revolutionary new product will rewire your brain as you listen to eliminate social anxiety from your life. You will feel calm and composed in social situations, able to interact with others comfortably and skillfully. It’s not designed to teach you any new information - this course will actually change your brain automatically while you listen to the audio tracks.

This course includes two free bonuses:

Anxiety Destroyer   - A hypnosis track that guides you into a relaxed, resourceful state and then re-encodes your experiences so you feel more masterful

Deep Relaxation - A hypnosis track that guides you into a deep state of rejuvenation and relaxation. And this track can be used to help you drift off to sleep at night. (Excellent for those who struggle getting enough sleep)

“Just wanted to say thank you after going through Social Anxiety course, listened to it twice and the anxiety just evaporated. Really started enjoying social interactions for the first time in my life after feeling detached and lonely in the past”

The Change Your Life series of Hypnosis Recordings

Discover hypnosis audio tracks to help you eat better, eliminate anxiety, break bad habits, find motivation to exercise, and more at my product store.

Frequently asked questions

The results - habit change, emotional resolution, greater effectiveness, etc - are real, so hypnosis is just one way of using words to get real results.

Yes, because all humans go in and out of trance many times per day. And these days I more often use conversational hypnosis, where we have a “normal” conversation and the desired changes happen.

It is when I do it. It feels comfortable and relaxing, and you typically feel peaceful afterwards.

No. I learned my techniques by working with my own mentor to reverse engineer programming done to me and to others, and through some written sources.

I get results, and I get them fast.

They are persistent or permanent, depending on the type of change desired. In some cases like habit control I may give you exercises to make sure.

See the questions below for some ways. If your issue isn’t listed, I can still probably help.

The most common requests I get for habit change are social media addiction, overeating, pornography, video games, and “minor” chemical addictions like smoking and social drinking. If you have an unwanted habit it’s likely I can help you with it.

Yes, I can help with motivation, beliefs, resolving emotional resistance, and strategy. Be prepared to put in the exercise time and effort.

Yes. I’ve helped many people develop more useful and appropriate understandings of their true capabilities.

Yes. I’ve coached many executives, including CEOs of $100 million companies, small business owners, startup founders and finance professionals in persuasiveness, efficiency, effectiveness, and managing their personal lives.

The emotional backlog is a term coined by Gary Craig to describe the events from your past that you still have strong enough feelings about to distort your behavior in the present moment. By neutralizing those events, the emotions are released and they stop distorting your thoughts and behavior today. That way you can go forward in life with less struggle, more freedom, and more peace.

Yes. I have several ways to neutralize painful experiences, even when they are “stacked” like PTSD or childhood abuse.

Yes, in many cases entirely. Medications tend to block access to the issue and may require tapering under a doctor’s supervision.

Hard drugs usually require a physical presence and are best handled by specialists. I can, however, support those efforts.

Yes. Several of my clients have been promoted in their next review cycle (sometimes more than once) after working with me.

Yes. I can teach you some effective persuasion techniques and the basics of hypnosis, if you are willing and able to practice them by talking to others.

Hypnosis (both formal and conversational), neuro-linguistic programming, neuro-semantics and belief change, and some other protocols such as EFT where applicable.

See the Solutions page above.