One-on-one hypnosis and coaching session

When you think about what you’d like to improve in your life, you can often identify some things that will make a major difference in your experience when they are resolved.

I can typically get the following kinds of results in 1-2 sessions:

  • Resolve a single issue
  • Clear out a substantial emotional blockage
  • Change an unwanted habit or start a new positive one

Set of 5 one-on-one hypnosis and coaching sessions

Five sessions starts to get into where we can make more substantial changes, improving your life in several areas or going deep in one major area. When you think about how things will be when you’ve made even more substantial improvements, and look back on today as having been the start of it, you might recognize more reasons to work with me:

  • Resolve more complex issues like a series of traumas or emotionally limiting experiences
  • Work towards getting promoted in your career by teaching persuasion and effectiveness techniques
  • Reduce or completely resolve social anxiety or similar challenges
  • Begin a self-development program in several areas of your life

Frequently asked questions

The results - habit change, emotional resolution, greater effectiveness, etc - are undoubtably real, so hypnosis is just one way of using words to get real results.

Yes, because all humans go in and out of trance many times per day. And these days I more often use conversational hypnosis, where we have a “normal” conversation and the desired changes happen.

It is when I do it. It feels comfortable and relaxing, and you typically feel peaceful afterwards.

No. I learned my techniques by working with my own mentor to reverse engineer programming done to me and to others, and through some written sources.

See the questions below for some ways. If your issue isn’t listed, I can still probably help.

They are persistent or permanent, depending on the type of change desired. In some cases like habit control I may give you exercises to make sure.

Yes, I can help with motivation, beliefs, resolving emotional resistance, and strategy. Be prepared to put in the exercise time and effort.

Yes. I’ve helped many people develop more useful and appropriate understandings of their true capabilities.

Yes. I coach a number of executives, small business CEOs, and finance professionals in persuasiveness, efficiency, effectiveness, and managing their personal lives.

The emotional backlog is a term coined by Gary Craig to describe the events from your past that you still have strong enough feelings about to distort your behavior in the present moment. By neutralizing those events, the emotions are released and they stop distorting your thoughts and behavior today. That way you can go forward in life with less struggle, more freedom, and more peace.

Yes. I have several ways to neutralize traumas, even when trauma is “stacked” like PTSD. If the situation is such that violent outbursts or self-harm are a risk I may need confirmation to proceed from a licensed medical professional.

The most common requests I get for habit change are social media addiction, overeating, pornography, video games, and “minor” chemical addictions like smoking and social drinking. If you have an unwanted habit it’s likely I can help you with it.

Yes, in many cases entirely. Medications tend to block access to the issue and may require tapering under a doctor’s supervision.

Hard drugs usually require a physical presence and are best handled by specialists. I can, however, support those efforts.

Yes. It’s a distorted perception of your capability and I can help resolve it.

Yes. Several of my clients have been promoted in their next review cycle (sometimes more than once) after working with me.

Yes. I can teach you some effective persuasion techniques and the basics of hypnosis, if you are willing and able to practice them by talking to others.

Hypnosis (both formal and conversational), neuro-linguistic programming, neuro-semantics and belief change, and some other protocols such as EFT where applicable.

See the Solutions page above.

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