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​​​​​​Anxiety Destroyer

“I purchased the Anxiety Destroyer and used it before bed 2 nights in a row. My sleep was restful and I woke up with less of a need to clear brain fog. Felt more refreshed. The following days I noticed that I became more talkative in social situations. I also noticed that I became more aware in a job setting. Previously job settings were dominated by laser focus but after I listened to the recording it’s like I had more mental space to process all the information in any given setting. Maybe it’s cleared out a lot of underlying anxiety that kept my mind able to not be more present.”

“Hello Mr. Andrews,

I downloaded and utilized the anxiety destroyer product and I have to say, I was pretty blown away. It’s a long story but I have a crazy “fight or flight” type reaction any time I have to speak in front of people or I have to be involved in any kind of confrontation. I don’t mean I get butterflies like most people do, I am talking about shaking hands and legs, feeling dizzy, shaky voice, etc. It’s awful and I have been fighting through it for years (I am 46 years old and a lawyer). I had parents who fought all the time as a kid and they put me in the middle of it when I was young and I have always thought that is what led to my issues as an adult, but it’s a long story.

Anyway, it has been coming to a head as in my job I really have tried to avoid situations that caused the response but it has hurt my career and I am just sick of it. I saw one of your twitter posts and bought your book. I then tried the product. The first time, I was tired and fell asleep during it but woke up toward the end. I thought I would just try again some other time so I went to bed. The next morning I woke up and felt a completely different mindset about my speaking/ confrontation issues. It was amazing. I still don’t know what to make of it to be totally frank. But, my thought process just seems different about it. I am still working on the issue, but I know the product worked

Thank you for what you do!”

“Yeah, alot of the anxiety is just gone. I have not been in that many stressful situations lately, but looking back on a few I handled them a lot better than usual. I will keep that in mind the next few days.

Reflecting on it I see that situations that used to bring up anxiety and did not the last days, I found other reasons for being calmer and forgot about the anxiety-audio. Thanks for reminding me and thanks again for the audio!”

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Change Your Past, Change Your Life Audiobook

“Also I just listened to your audiobook and wtf man. I could feel the difference with that first case study it was so weird

Thought about this memory from when I changed schools from a tiny school to a massive one in middle school and it was strange because I forgot that memory existed and it definitely was big for me with the first impressions thing even though I didn’t have such a bad time like Nigel… it was a super positive experience.”

“I have to say, that after listening to your audio book at least 5 times now and I’m definitely noticing a pretty significant improvement in my perception of daily activities. I’m feeling positive and optimistic for the first time in years. One of the biggest issues I was having is having gone so long and unable to look forward to anything. Nothing felt hopeful and I never got excited about anything.

I’m definitely noticing a shift in that.

I’m also noticing that I’m not so reactively irritable lately. Things that used to bother me for hours a day don’t stick. I notice them but I don’t attach to it and allow it to get on my nerves and make me an angry person by the end of the day. This is all pretty huge for me. I can’t thank you enough

“Just reading your book cured my MIL of a 30yr anxiety about her ex husband. It’s wild.

So with regards to my mother in law, she had a terrible marriage to my wife’s father. In fact they were married and divorced twice. Cheating, fighting, drinking, the whole deal. It was so damaging as he was the love of my MIL’s life. So any mention of his name, she would get snippy/defensive/angry take shots at him like he was in the room, rehash old arguments etc. It was always uncomfortable for the rest of us, and we would typically avoid the topic at all costs with her around.

Having had some success with your book myself, my wife dove in on it which helped her in quite a few ways. Enough that she bought copies for her mom and a cousin.

Her mom promised to read it in one sitting. Fast forward a few months, we had forgotten about the book, life gets busy, but my MIL was over and the topic of my FIL came up…. I was in shock when she went on to tell a few endearing stories, and the drama and negativity was gone.

My wife and I had a powwow like WTF just happened. We as a group ended up determining the only change was the book. All that baggage, gone.

She has even been on a few dates. Pretty wild”

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Personal Coaching - Anxiety Elimination

“Hi Jason, My life feels a lot simpler now.

You made a comment about doing things to deal with anxiety rather than doing things because I want to. Right now I feel like I can just manage one thing at a time, versus feeling like I have to manage fifty things at once.

I still have some anxiety about doing certain things. But they don’t bother me as much. They are so mild now”

“Hey Jason, Thanks again for yesterday’s session! I felt amazing afterward. Had to lie down for a bit to soak everything in, but my fear was at a 0 by the time I started my reintroduction protocol that afternoon. Thank you!!”

“I feel good, more relaxed and present. It was my first day at work today after our last session. I felt more assertive and relaxed. Being able to handle stress during the day better.”

“Hey Jason - I definitely feel like what we worked on really stuck.

As we tested in the session, I can’t even seem to replicate the anxiety I was feeling prior to the session.

Thank you for the help navigating through that web of anxiety. It’s refreshing to have clarity around it now.

I’d like to schedule another session to work on another issue.”

“I’m good. I don’t feel a war going on. I think the pieces of me have returned and settled. I also feel a bit empty without the old ways being in charge. I think I’ve lived so much of my life programmed that my inner self is tentative about what to do.

It’s way better. I don’t feel anxious.

…And that is such a massive improvement from the turmoil and drama that it’s awesome. I hope that all makes sense.”

“You said I would have some new thoughts. I tried visualising being rejected and laughed by people I’m trying to connect with, and I was able to do that without feeling anything. I remember just going ‘So?’ In my head. In the past it would overwhelm me with stress.”

“Hi Jason,

I do feel like my ‘baseline’ has been raised. In our recent session, we talked about having the confidence to deal with failures. A lot of my issues with dealing with failures have a lot to do with dealing with people. I was afraid of inconveniencing and disappointing people, thinking it would close doors for me.

Over the years, I’ve learnt some reframes and practiced acceptance to relieve my anxiety. They worked, but as soon as I stopped concentrating on them, the anxiety came flooding back.

But after 2 sessions with you, things have changed.

After our first session, my anxiety got a lot better. My mood became more level. It still fluctuated somewhat but never to the point of feeling hopeless.

After our recent session, my anxiety improved even more. I observed a shift in my thinking. It almost feels like a default now to accept that some people will like me, some people won’t, and that’s perfectly fine. I may have the power to change relationships or I may not, and that’s fine too. 

There are many ways to live that will bring me happiness and I can always learn what I need to learn for whatever situations I find myself in.

I still have moments where I feel slight anxiety about meeting people, but I was able to push it away with little effort. The effect seems to get stronger as time goes on, so l’m letting my brain sit for a while and see where it takes me.”

Social anxiety minimal… it just evaporated.​​​​​​ Social life good.

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Stop Drinking Alcohol Quick Track

“listened for the first time yesterday.

Halfway through there was a rush of energy that made me sit up more and I felt a shift that kind of scared me how powerful I could feel it…like something clicked…look forward to listen again tonight”

“I’ve listened a few times not every day, the craving to drink has almost gone away but through social situations is the only pressure to drink as I’m in the process of leaving Miami”

“This new awareness has seen me reduce the quantity and frequency.

I was in the liquor store the other day and didn’t really *want* to pick up anything, nothing appealed that much.”

“Hey Jason

Update: Don’t feel the need for a drink at all.

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No More Porn Quick Track

“to the results I got from the “No More Porn” track. Absolutely unbelievable. “No More Porn” is absolute genius. There’s no other word for it.

I never realized how much pornography was affecting my mental state until I made the decision to quit. I listened to the track twice on the day of release. The results were pretty surprising. I’m feeling improvements in mood, energy, outlook, and emotional regulation.

Every man in America needs to hear this track.

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Experience  The Win

“Hey Jason I just wanted to say that I got your Experience the Win hypnosis yesterday and I am blown away by how effective it was.

I’ve gone through many Neville Goddard works, Reality Transurfing, and Guided Meditations in the past but this one takes the cake. I couldn’t “feel” it. I have never visualized or experienced THAT feeling in such a powerful way before.

I’m grateful for your work and am happy with the result! The relaxation aspect was a big part of that. When I came out of the trance and the video finished, I felt that tremendous wave of accomplishment that I needed.

Appreciate what you’ve done here. Thank you!”

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Personal Coaching - Imprint Work

“Hi Jason,

I feel great. Like you said, It takes about a week for the father’s imprint to sink in, and I can still feel things changing.

A lot of the conflicts in my mind got resolved. have a clearer sense of boundaries, and not as bothered by other people’s feelings.

also feel less need to control other people’s behavior. I can just go, “Do I really need them to do things my way? How would that affect me?”, when someone did something that bothers me.”

“Hi Jason,

The mother imprint session was great.

I felt my resentment towards my mother evaporating, and I came to appreciate her for what she did for me.

I guess my subconscious mind didn’t understand her needless criticisms are separate from whether she loved me or not.

And I’m starting to feel like the world is the same way. Just because the world throws crap at me sometimes, doesn’t mean it wants to kill me or deprive me of what I need.”

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Personal Coaching - Career

“Re: Promotion & Raise

I got it today!

The one I was persuading for!”

“Hi Jason,

It’ going great at the moment. I think I’ve eliminated the fear/ impostor syndrome and the ‘not good enough’ script. It feels a bit unreal to say it but anyway. Had a couple of more meetings with the CEO, last one was today and was a good one.”

“Re: Follow up: Session 1 with Jason Andrews

Hey Jason! Productive week. Lead a good readout to our CEO and other top folks on Monday. During the session, a (usually) thorny topic went quite smoothly. Also, my manager plans to add 2-3 folks to my team next year. All good things :-)”

“I’m calling the impostor syndrome gone.

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