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Part 2: What is God, really? Or, How It All Finally Makes Sense

The title says it all

In Part 1: What Are We, Really? Or, Ending the Fear of Death I talked about what we are and how death isn’t real. In this part I talk about God. Not a god, but The God. What is God, really? And once you understand this, everything will make sense.

First, some definitions. I’m not talking about a god, as in a god or goddess. These are personifications of archetypes that make it accessible for one to connect to God one piece at a time. But here I’m talking about The God.

God must have these four attributes to be considered, well God:

  • Omnipresence
  • Omniscience
  • Omnipotence
  • All-Unity or Non-polarity

There are two ancillary qualities that are not required, but nonetheless apply:

  • Consciousness
  • Intelligence

I’ll explain each of these in turn, starting with omnipresence. Omnipresence means that there isn’t anywhere (or any “where”) that God isn’t. Nothing exists that isn’t “where” God is. Nothing is outside of God, nothing is inaccessible to God.

Omniscience means nothing is hidden from God. There is no knowledge or understanding that God doesn’t know about.

Omnipotence means that all power that exists, is part of God. Power is the ability to make change. Where power is defined, is God. Where God isn’t, power doesn’t exist – it’s undefined. (Of course, there is nowhere God isn’t, because of omnipresence).

All-Unity, or Non-polarity means that there are no polarities within God; God is the ultimate unity. For example, cold and hot form a polarity, but they are united by both being a temperature. Similarly with all polarities: old and young are ages, black and white are shades of light, life and death are states of existence, and so on. In an atom, the electrons have a negative charge and the protons have a positive charge – a polarity. But the atom as a whole has no charge – a unity. When you unite ALL polarities of existence into a single, complete unity with no conflicts, you have God.

Note that All-Unity could be considered “All-Loving” in the sense of embracing all existence and not rejecting any of it but allowing it to exist as part of the whole.

Still with me? Take a moment to re-read them if you need.

I shall now proceed to show that God exists, with all six qualities mentioned above.

Regarding Omnipresence, let me define the universe. The Universe is… ALL. Everything. This includes everything material and physical, the entire material world. Semantically, we call these nouns, like table, rock, tree, etc.

The Universe also contains what are semantically known as nominalizations – nouns you can’t “put in a wheelbarrow.” For example, there is no such thing as a relationship. It’s not a noun – “relate” is a verb that gets turned into a noun (“relationship”) so we can access it like a noun and analyze it. Concepts, emotions, patterns, ideas, and the like all exist even though they have no material existence. If I build a house with legos, and then take the legos apart and put them back in the box, where did the house go? The house still exists because I can conceptualize it (Plato’s World of Forms in two sentences).

The Universe also includes energy or process flows. These are not analyzable unless we “freeze” them and turn the snapshot into a noun. You can’t feel anything about “relate” or “jog” or “win.” You CAN feel about a relationship or jogging or winning. We have to turn the verbs (relate) into nouns (relationship) to be able to treat them as things to be able to think or feel anything about them. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle applies here: if we know how it’s moving (verb / flow state) we can’t know where it is (noun state). And if we know where it is (noun state) we can’t know how it’s moving (verb / flow state).

So the Universe includes it ALL. As a thought experiment, even if you found or conceptualized of something that isn’t part of the Universe, it would be part of the Universe after all, because the Universe contains it ALL.

The Universe is also conscious and intelligent. Because if you are conscious, and you are intelligent, the Universe is conscious and intelligent because you are not separate from the Universe, you are part of it. Your intelligence is the Universe’s intelligence, and your conscious awareness of the rest of the Universe is the Universe being consciously aware of itself.

That’s mind-blowing enough for some people. Let’s take it further. An ant has very little intelligence; it’s behavior can be modeled by a few simple lines of code. (Wander; if you find food bring it back and lay a scent trail; if you find a scent trail follow it back to food). But an ant colony as a whole is more intelligent: it can find food for itself, organize itself to bring back the food efficiently, defend itself, get rid of waste, wage war, etc. because the simple systems (individual ants) interact in ways that create more complexity and intelligence at the higher chunk level.

One familiar version of this is the Gaia Hypothesis: that the entire earth is a single living organism. Well, take that farther and farther and you discover that the entire Universe is an intelligent organism.

Now, the Universe is by definition Omnipresent.

Because of Omnipresence, the Universe is by definition Omnipotent.

Because of Omnipresence the Universe is also by definition Omniscient.

Because of Omnipresence, the Universe is also by definition All-Unity.

And I have also shown that the Universe is conscious and intelligent.

The Universe is God.

Jason Andrews
Written by

Jason Andrews

Jason Andrews is a professional hypnotist and coach who helps clients unlock their minds’ full potential.

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